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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

it’s so easy to just write it’s so easy to be illegible to produce garbage run on run away useless unedited drivel with or without punctuation or point no thesis no direction no audience with the idea that people will read your words and be moved moved to act moved to think moved to do better or more or less that publication as it mattered once before still matters only now it’s available to everyone and its free and accessible and anyone who has an idea can get it out into the world without having to go through the gatekeepers the fatuous publishers the tastemakers the style police the authorities on all that is right and good and worth while what a waste how much better to let it be open and free and like milk the cream will rise to the top and people will recognize what is worthwhile and meritorious from the millions and millions of other blogs and notes and posts trust in the crowd trust in the hive it doesn’t matter if you have ability or talent you simply have to do whatever you’re doing already publically and find your true community online and share your experiences your daydreams your passing thoughts your need for connection your longing your ignorance or irreverence your indifference who cares about accuracy and credibility your people will trust you and you will find trustworthy people and you won’t get duped or fooled and if you do it will be interesting and funny and because it was genius and inspired and original you won’t feel the knife go in and it’s so much better than the tedium of journalistic writing anyway and besides no one would ever publish what we have to say these days so what is the alternative we have no choice this is what we can do and it’s free or mostly free and that is what makes it valid and worth pursuing and the skeptics are fuddy-duddies anyway from a bygone era and what they have to say about the smell and feel of newspapers and books is completely silly and irrelevant since they’re cutting down trees to make that paper anyway and cutting down trees is bad and lousy and we really shouldn’t do that anymore so let’s just get out and take pictures of the things we like and make movies of ourselves doing stuff and make montages and say things that make us seem smart and curious and interested and interesting and disinterested in marking and selling what we do and talk more about other people’s work than we do about our own so that people see us as helpful critics since it’s impossible to keep a blog going that is only filled with your stuff because making stuff takes time and blogs need to be curated daily so who cares if the blog becomes a kind of second job or pursuit just don’t imagine you’re ever going to make any money doing it or that you’re going to develop a business or brand or monetize on content or gain any real media exposure or even get a book deal or get bought by a larger company because I read somewhere online today in someone’s blog that in 2010 there were 300 million websites and 300 billion emails sent out each day 90% of which was spam and 100 trillion emails a year 2 billion internet users worldwide and 150 million blogs on the internet and 25 billion tweets and 10 million people following @ladygaga on twitter and that she is the most followed user on twitter and it seems discouraging that the largest online personalities are also the largest real life personalities but it doesn’t matter because we hear about people all the time who just did this thing out of their kitchens and did it on the side and one day they made it big because of their blog or whatever and they developed a loyal following and those people supported them when they became famous and recognizable even though they stopped using their blog at that point and one day if you do your blog really well you can stop writing too and perhaps you’ll get a book published that people will ignore but maybe I’m just being negative because I don’t have a blog yet and this is going to be my first blog post ever and it’s all about how useless blogging is and what if someday I actually discover that I need a blog since I can’t afford to have a book published or if I do publish a book that no one will read it or that no one reads anymore and it’s all just videos and talking heads and spoken word and everyone markets themselves by sourcing other people’s lives and I can’t market myself because someone finds this blog and posts it to my website and my followers or subscribers or clients or friends or whatever decide that I’m a turncoat and abandon me and my business fails and so I think I should publish this anonymously but if I do I won’t get class credit for it so I’m caught between needing credit and not wanting to be credited and it’s driving my a little nuts and then I think that the only real truth in all of this is that no one is actually reading this blog anymore because it’s too long and because it’s crazy and no one reads crap like this because they really shouldn’t and the joke is on you if you’re still here and so I could say anything at this point and it wouldn’t matter and perhaps this would be a good place to say something meaningful like what I really care about as a designer or perhaps include a manifesto but then again no one would read it and I guess that’s kind of my point and I want this to fill the entire page but I’ve run out of things to say and so I’m just going to keep writing so it looks like a full page since it’s really not about words anymore and that’s really the point to remember


  1. I'm gonna be honest, I did not read your entire post.

  2. I +1'd this - #blogcriticism #readingthelongestrunonsentence Keep writing so that it looks like a whole page? #doesntmakesense, rt@Scott rt@Stasia rt@Sarah rt@tweetmonster

    1. Clearly a holdover from the Microsoft Word world.

  3. 23:07 without punctuation...milk the cream...and you won’t get duped or fooled...since they’re cutting down trees... it’s impossible to keep a blog going...because we hear about people...who...because someone finds...no one reads...this...it’s really not about words anymore 23:17

  4. What do architects and bloggers have in common?

    ////No_gd_understanding_of [proper punctuation]. #truth

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